Max Life Insurance A leading insurance company

Max Life Insurance A leading insurance company

Max Life Insurance  A leading insurance company


Hey guys, this is a fascinating topic that we are going to talk about Max Life Insurance company. This is Insurance company available in the market at this time providing insurance policies to the customer. We will talk about this company to know all the information of this company because it is most important that know about any company that you are going to invest your amount to reduce risk and make profit.

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What is Max Life Insurance?


It is a leading life insurance company in India, the company is a subsidiary of the publicly listed Max finance service limited and the largest known Bank private sector Life Insurance in India. The MAX insurance was founded in 2000 after the liberalization of the Insurance sector in India and its operations begin from 2001. Analjit Singh is the founder of the max healthcare and he is the chairman of Max Life Insurance. The headquarter of this company is situated at New Delhi.

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Max Life Insurance is also a part of the Max India limited company, group. It is a joint venture company with the next finance service and mitsui sumitomo insurance company. the former on 68% of the company while the letter on 26% after forming the joint venture partners with mitsui sumitomo. oldest name of the company is Max New york life in 2012 which is changed recently 2 max life in 2016 and Axis Bank held a 6% share in MAX life.
let's talk about products and services of this company.

Products and services

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Max life has huge a hug amount of customer in India with the number of 2 lakh customer who becomes the customer of the Max Life Insurance company. the distribution channel of the Max Life Insurance company is as follows that banks, individual agents, brokers and corporate agents among others. this company is providing linked, participating and non-participating products. apart from Life coverage, it covers health, passion and annuity and also offering child, protection retirement, savings and growth plans to individual and two groups of people.

Types of plants that Max Life Insurance providing to insurance holder are listed below;

  • Child plans; This is an insurance policy for child.
  • Term plans; It is a pure life insurance product which provides financial protection in case of death.
  • Growth plans; it is traditional insurance plan which provide guarantee benefits.
  • Saving plans; It is combination of the benefits of a life insurance
These all are listed some product from MAX life insurance. So, that we can understood better with example and its policy.

At last we all know that how much the insurance is important for our life because accident can be happened anytime, anywhere, etc. You should be careful and everyone should take insurance policy so that you can take benefits of the policy. This help you to reduce risk and if accident happened then this can help you very much.

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