How to open Bank Account in Yes bank?

How to open Bank Account in Yes bank?

Today we're going to discuss about How to open a bank account in YES Bank. Here we take only saving accounts because this type of account is generally called a Bank Account.  Before proceed we'll discuss about the history of today's situation of Yes Bank.

How to open Bank Account in Yes bank?  

Yes bank is a private sector bank. This bank was founded in Rana Kapoor with Ashok Kapoor. This bank was established in 2004. Yes bank operates many works like Corporate banking, assets management, and many other functions. This bank had 1,122 branches in India and have 1,220 ATMs all over India.

So, if you wanted to open an account in yes bank then firstly you have been eligible for this.
Here we gonna see the eligibility criteria for opening an account in Yes Bank.

1. Age limit

No age limit required for opening a bank account in Yes Bank. If you are 18+ your account opened easily but of you not then the bank opens your student account and minor account.

2. Resident of India

The candidate should a resident of India. If you are not a resident of India then you are not eligible for this service.

3. Required documents

You have to submit all the documents asked by the bank.

4. Initial deposit amount

You have to deposit an initial amount in your bank account. You can't withdraw his amount you have to maintain this for all time.

1. Address Proof 

Bank required your address proof. Your address should be closure from the bank. The
documents which are used as address proof are
1. Aadhar Card (Mandatory)
2. Voter card
3. Passport
4. Driving license and many other documents.

2. Identity proof (Mandatory)
PAN card can be used as Identity Proof. This assures that you are a resident of India. In the absence of Identity proof FORM 16 also accepted by this bank.

3. Photos

Photos only required when you are doing an offline process for opening your account. 2 latest passport size photos required for the opening of a bank account.


Online Process 

1. Visit the official website of YES bank and make your registration there.

2. Fill your form carefully and upload all your documents there.

3. Complete your KYC to be a recognized customer of YES Bank.

4. Make an initial deposit and that's it your bank account is opened in Yes Bank.

Offline Process

1. Visit the bank and fill the form of the New Bank Account.

2. Fill your details carefully and attach your documents which required.

3. Complete your KYC from your Aadhar card.

4. Make an initial deposit and that's it your account is open.

So, here we see how easy is to open a bank account in Yes Bank. This bank is known for its interest facility. Yes bank is a good bank which gives 5% interest to all there customers.

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