How to open a bank account in the Vijaya Bank?

How to open a bank account in the Vijaya Bank?

This article is for those people who are wanted to open a bank account in Vijaya Bank or for those also who are thinking to open an account in Vijaya bank.  

How to open a bank account in the Vijaya Bank?  

In this article we'll cover all the mandatory information about Vijaya bank and also the whole process to open a bank account in this bank.
In this article, we discuss all the information listed below.

1.    Introduction of bank
2.    Eligibilities for opening a bank account in it.  
3.    Documents required
4.    Online process of opening account  
5.    Online process of opening account


Vijaya bank is a public sector bank. The headquarters of this bank is in Bangalore. This bank is established on 23 October 1931. This bank had 2031 branches in all over India. This bank had more than 2000 ATM throughout the country.
Eligibility Criteria

1.    Age limit

This bank only holds an account of those person who crosses the age limit of 18. Vijaya bank makes facilities from those who are not 18+ also apply for a minor account but cannot use the facility of Debit card, Credit card and many more.  

2.    Citizen of India  

Candidate must be a citizen of India only
when bank accept your application

3.    Initial deposit

When your bank account is created bank ask you for an initial deposit of mentioned amount if you are applying for a general saving account and If you applied for a 0 balance account then this amount is not needed.


Documents requirement

1. Local Address Proof

The candidate must have an address proof of nearby the bank. The documents which of address are listed below:-
1.    Aadhar card (Mandatory)
2.    Voter ID card
3.    Ration card
4.Driving license
These documents can be used as Address proof. The address should be near to the bank.

2.    Photos  

This document is used only in an offline process. In the online process, your photos will automatically be taken by the bank through your uploaded documents.

3.    ID proof
PAN card can be as ID proof in the absence of PAN care FORM 16 is also acceptable.

Offline process

1.            Visit the nearest branch of Vijaya bank. And bring the form of applying for a new bank account.

2.            Fill and deposit the form with required documents and signature.  

3.            Make an initial deposit to your bank account and congrats because your account is open.

Online process  

1.            Make your registration on the official website of the Vijaya bank and collect ID and password from there.

2.            Fill your form and upload you documents photographs with sign.  

3.            Make an initial deposit and congrats because for now, you become a respected customer of Vijaya bank.

Here we see how easy is to apply for a new bank account. We did this in just three easy steps.  
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