How To Open Bank Account In Union Bank of India?

How To Open Bank Account In Union Bank of India?

Today's topic is very fascinating because in this article we're going to talk about how a person can open its bank account in Union Bank of India?

How To Open Bank Account In Union Bank of India? 

Firstly, let us discuss the Union Bank Of India. Union Bank of India is called one of the largest banks which are undertaking by the government. In this bank, the government had more than 90% shares of this bank.

Union Bank of India had 4300 branches in India. This bank is also a multinational government bank having offices in Sydney, Hong Kong, and many other countries.

So, here we see all the information about the union bank of India.
Now, we are going to discuss the eligibility criteria for opening a bank account in The Union Bank of India.

1. No age limit required
As we see in the above para this bank has 90% shares are off the government. This bank can open a bank account for any age.
In this bank, there is no age limit issue.

2. Local Resident

In the branch where you wanted to apply to open a bank account is must be in near to your address mentioned in your address proof. This will assure the bank that they can easily contact you if you did fraud with the bank.

3. Resident of India

The candidate must be a citizen of India. If you are not the citizen of India then you are not eligible for applying for a bank account in Union Bank Of India.

4. IDs requirement

You must have your proper IDs asked by the bank to collect your details.

Now, let us know about what kind of documents required for opening a bank account.

1. Local Address proof

You must have your address proof. The address proof should not so far from Bank.
The documents which are used as Address proofs are 1. Aadhar card
2. Voter ID card
3. Residential certificate
4. Passport
5. And voter ID card.

These are some documents which are used as address proof in the bank.

2. Identity Proof

You can use your PAN card if you have it because the PAN card is said to be the best ID proof. In the absence of PAN card, we can also give FORM 16 as Identity proofs

3. Photos (Passport size)

Photos are required only if you are doing Offline process for opening A savings bank account in Union Bank Of India. If you are applying from the online process the photos will automatically take from your IDs.

Process of applying for a bank account in UBI.

Offline Process

1. First, visit the nearest branch of Union Bank of India.

2. Take a form for applying a new bank account in UBI.

3. Fill the form carefully and deposit it to the clerk with an attached copy of the required documents with your signature.

After completing all the steps you become a new account holder of The Bank Of India.

Online process 

1. Visit the official website of UBI.

2. Complete your registration and collect your ID number and Password from the bank.

3 .Log In in the site and select the option of "Opening Bank Account".

4. Fill your all details carefully and upload the photos of your sign and required documents on this site.

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