How to open Bank account in Syndicate Bank?

How to open Bank account in Syndicate Bank?

Hey readers, today's topic is for those people who are wanted to apply for a savings bank account in syndicate bank and also for those people who are confused that how to apply for a new bank account in Syndicate Bank.

How to open Bank account in Syndicate Bank?

In this article, we're trying to give you full information about the bank. What will be the eligibility criteria for applying a bank account in Syndicate Bank? Defining both online and offline processes of applying for a bank account in Syndicate bank and what type of documents are required in this process.

About this bank

Syndicate bank is called to be one of the oldest banks in India. This bank was established on 19th July 1969 and also nationalized by this date.
The headquarters of this bank is located in Manipal. This bank was started with an initial investment of 8000. This year government announced that this bank is merged with Canara Bank. This bank is said to be the first regional rural bank of India.


1. Age limitation  

A candidate must be more than 12 years to open an account in Syndicate bank. From the age of 12-18, the bank provides you minor accounts. You can't able to use Debit Card and many other facilities provided by the bank.  

2.    Verified Documents

Your documents which are required to open a bank account in Syndicate should be original.
Bank also checks your documents whether they are real or not.

3.    Initial deposit amount

To open a bank account in this bank you must have 100/-  for an initial deposit to maintain your account balance. You  can't
Withdraw this amount. If you withdraw this amount the bank charges penalty from you.

Documents required

1. Address Proof

You have to provide your address proof that where you live. The address proof should be near to the bank. The list of the documents which can be used as address proof is given below:-
1.    Driving license
2.    Electricity bills
3.    Telephone bills
And some others. These documents must be original or recognized by the government.

2. ID Proof

You have to give copies of your ID as ID proof. The IDs must be authorized by the government. The documents which can be used as ID proofs are listed below:- 1. PAN card
2.    FORM 60, 61

3.    Photos

This document is only required for the offline process. You must have to give your 2 latest passport size photos to the bank.

Offline process

  1. Visit the bank and ask for an application form for applying for a new bank account.
  2. Fill the form carefully and attached the copies of required documents with it.
  3. Deposit your form to the clerk and make your KYC done.

Make an initial deposit in your account. Congrats you have done all the process of account opening and you become an account holder of the syndicate bank

Online process

  1. Visit the official website of syndicate bank and make your registration. You can also visit the Paisa bazaar website for registration.  
  2. Select the option of a New Bank Account. Fill the form carefully and upload your required document.
  3.  Make your KYC complete and fund your account if it is not an 0 balance account.

That's it.  

So, here we see all the required things that are required for opening a bank account in the syndicate bank.

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