How to open a bank account in Indian bank?

How to open a bank account in Indian bank?

 Hey readers, today's topic is very interesting because today we're going to talk about How to open a Bank account in  Indian Bank?

How to open a bank account in Indian bank?

In this article, we cover all the points like 
1.  History of bank
2.  Eligibility criteria
3.  Documents required
4.  Online process 
5.  Offline process To apply for a bank account.  Let's a star with History of Bank. 

It is a state-owned bank of India. The headquarter of this bank is in Chennai.
According to the recent report, this bank had 20,924 employees with more than 2900 branches in all over India. This bank is a trusted bank. This bank is firstly introducing in 1907.

Eligibility criteria

1.  Age limit 
Well, an Indian bank allows opening a bank account of that candidate whose age is more than 12 years as a student account. If you want a Saving Account your age must have more than 18 years. 

2.  Resident of India. 
Candidate must be a resident of India. If you're not a resident of a legal resident of India then the bank didn't allow you to open a bank account in Indian Bank.

3.  Document recommendation 
You must have all the mandatory documents that are asked by the bank for your KYC. You have to complete your KYC. If your KYC is not done bank would not accept your application for opening a bank account in Indian Bank.

4.  No bankrupt
If you are bankrupt then forget this bank to open a savings account here.

5.  Initial deposits 
You must have some money as initial deposits in your bank. You cannot withdraw this amount. If you done this bank close your account.

Documents required

1. Address proof

The documents which are used as address proof are listed below.
1.  Aadhar card (Mandatory)
2.  Voter ID card
3.  Ration Card
4.  Passport 
The address in your address proof should be near to the branch of a bank. 

2.  ID proof
PAN Card is used as ID Proof. In the absence of PAN card FORM, 16 is also accepted by the Indian Bank.

3.  Photographs 
This document is required if you are doing the process offline. In the online process, the bank automatically takes your photos from your uploaded documents.

Online process


1.  Visit the official website of the bank and complete your registration there.

2.  Log in and select the option of "Apply For New Bank Account".

3.  Fill the form carefully and upload your documents and signature on the website.

4.  Make your initial deposit in the account.

That's it your account is open.

 Offline Process

1.  Visit the nearest branch of Indian bank.

2.  Fill the form of applying for a new bank account.

3.  Submit this form to the counter with the required documents.

4.  Make an initial deposit in your account number given by the bank.

And that's it, for now, you become a new customer of the Indian Bank.

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