How to Open Bank Account In Canara Bank?

How to Open Bank Account In Canara Bank?

 Hey readers, today's topic is very fascinating because today we're going talk about that how a person can open his bank account in Canara Bank (Normal saving account).
Before starting let's understand what is Canara Bank? is it a trusted bank or not.

How to Open Bank Account In Canara Bank?

Canara Bank is said to be one of the largest banks in the sector. This bank is the government. Canara Bank was established in 1906 in Mangalore. The headquarters of the Canara Bank is situated in the Bengaluru.
Canara bank is also one of the oldest public sector banks of all time. This bank was nationalized in 1969.
Canara Bank's tagline is "Together We Can".
This bank has 6310 branches and more than 8851 ATMs. The offices of this bank are also in London, Dubai, New York and many more. So, We can say that Canada bank is a trusted bank.
Now we gonna see the eligibility criteria for applying for a new bank account.

1.    Anyone can apply

This bank provides the service of opening accounts at any age. The age of the general account the candidate should be more 18+ in age. If it's not then banking opens your student account or minor account.

2.    Resident of India

The candidate should be a resident of India. This will assure the bank that you are a resident of this country.

3.    Initial deposit amount.

To open a bank account in Canara bank you have to deposit some amount of money. You can't withdraw this money back. If you live in urban or semi-urban areas then you have to deposit 1000/-. 500/- for people living in rural areas.


1. Address Proof

Bank required your address proof because with the help of this address proof they can find where you live. Your address should be closure from the bank. The documents which are used as address proof are :
1.    Aadhar Card
2.    Voter card
3.    Passport
4.    Driving license
These documents can be used as address proof.

2.    Identity proof
PAN card is used as Identity Proof. This assures that you are a recognized resident of India. In the absence of Identity proof FORM 16 also acceptable.

3.    Photos

Photos only required when you select an offline process for opening your account. 2 latest passport size photos required for the opening of a bank account.


Offline process

1.    Visit the bank and ask for an application form for applying for a new bank account.

2.    Fill the form carefully and attached the copies of required documents with it.

3.    Deposit your form to the clerk and make your KYC done.

4.    Make an initial deposit in your account.

That's it your account is opened in Canara bank.

Online process

1.            Visit the official website of Canara bank and make your registration.

2.            Select the option of a New Bank Account. Fill the form carefully and upload your required document.

3.            Make your KYC complete and make an initial deposit in your bank account.

That's it.  

So, here we see all the required things that are required for opening a bank account in Canara bank.

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