How to Open Bank Account in Bank of India? What is online banking?

How to Open Bank Account in Bank of India? What is online banking?

Hey readers, today's topic is fascinating because we're going to talk about one of the most assemblequestions that How to open a bank account. In today's time banking facilities is become advanced. 

How to Open Bank Account in Bank of India?  

They provide various facilities to their customers. Bank provides various facilities to their customer like online banking. 

What is online banking?

An online banking refers to a facility provided by the bank to its customer by which a customer can do all the banking transactions without going into the Bank.

Before we start let's discuss the history of Bank of India.
Bank of India is a commercial bank established in 1906 for the first time. Bank of India was authorized or we can say nationalized by the Government of India in
1969. This bank is said to be in the list of top 5 banks in India. Bank of India had 5,100 branches in India and it is a trusted bank in India.

So, let's discuss what kind of document required for opening a bank account in the Bank of India.

1. Local ID Proof

The most mandatory documents which banks ask you to provide for opening a bank account in Bank of India. In local ID proof, this bank accepts many documents like Aadhar card, Passport, Driving license,
A defense ID card for reputed employees, voter ID card and many others. All the documents which are mentioned above are not mandatory except Aadhar card from the local address is Mandatory.

2.  Pan Card
There is one more ID proof which is mandatory in the Bank of India to open a bank account in the bank of India.which is a PAN card. This ID proof is not mentioned in the above paragraph because this is not a local ID Proof.

3.  Passport size photo

If you are opening Bank Account through an offline process you have to submit your 2 passport size photos in the bank. If you're opening your account through an online process then the bank will take your photos from your ID proofs given by you.

Eligibility criteria

To open a bank account in the bank of India.

1.  Your age must be 18+ to open a regular saving account.

2.  You must be a resident of the country where you live.

3.  If you want a regular saving bank account your initial deposit in the bank must be 10,000 Rs.

These are some eligibility criteria for banks in opening a bank account.

So, now we understand what are the eligibility criteria and requirement of ID proofs for opening a bank account in Bank of India.
Now, we're going to discuss the process of opening a bank account in the offline process as well as in the online process.

Offline process

1.  You first have to visit the bank and for form for a new bank account.

2.  Fill your all details like Name, Address, and many other information carefully.

3.  Submit this form to the clerk with the attached documents asked by the bank.

4.  Make deposits in your account number given by the bank.

5.  Congrats your account is open. Bank gives your passbook to you and for now, you become an account holder of Bank of India.

Online process

1.  You first have to visit the site of Bank Of India and find options to make registration in the bank of India's official website.

2.  Select the option of "Opening New Bank Account" on the website.

3.  Fill all your details upload your ID proofs.

4.  Make a deposit in the account given by the bank and after that, you become the owner of the bank account bank call you to visit in the bank for your KYC and after that, you become a respected account holder of The Bank Of India.

So, we see to open a bank account is very easy. So, if you don't have a bank account and you wanted to open a bank account in Bank Of India this article will help you in this.

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