How to Open Bank Account IN ALLAHABAD BANK?

How to Open Bank Account IN ALLAHABAD BANK?

Hey readers, this topic is very fascinating because today we're going to talk about How To Open Bank Account In Allahabad Bank. To discuss how to open a bank account in Allahabad bank first let us know about Allahabad Bank.

Allahabad Bank is a nationalized Bank. The head office of this bank is in Kolkata. This bank is the oldest joint stock bank in India.  On 24th April 2014 this bank complete it's 150th anniversary.  
This bank is said to be in the list of top 10 banks in India. This bank was established in 1865.  
This bank contains only 3245 branches which are very low as compare to other banks.          

 How to Open Bank Account IN ALLAHABAD BANK?

So, here we see some information about Allahabad Bank.  
Now, let us know what are the eligibility criteria for applying a bank account in Allahabad Bank.  

1.    Candidate should be 18+
To open a bank account in Allahabad bank the candidate's age should be more than 18 years. Well, there is also a provision from Allahabad bank from less than an 18year candidate which is called student Account. In a student account, the bank doesn't give you Debit Card, Credit Card, Cheque book and internet banking facility.
Because in the eye of the bank you are a minor person.  
2.    Resident of India

The candidate should be a citizen of India. These are the general eligibility criteria for all of the banks.  

3.    Documents availability  

The candidate should have all the documents required by the bank for the account opening process.

4.    Initial deposits
You have to deposit a fixed amount in your account to maintain your minimum balance criteria. You can't withdraw that amount ever and if you withdraw this amount your account will be closed by the bank.

So, here we see all the eligibility criteria for opening a bank account in Allahabad Bank.  Now, we see what types of documentation required for this process.

1. Local address proof

The bank required the local proofs as primary documents.  
There are many documents which are used for
Local address proof like
1.    Aadhar card ( Mandatory)
2.    Driving license  
3.    Voter ID card
4.    Passport and many others
These local IDs help to assure the bank that you live in the area where the branch of bank established. 
2.    Identity Proof

This kind of proof contains PAN card but if you have no PAN card you can give FORM 16 as Identity Proof. This will assure the bank that you are the citizen of India.

3.    Passport size photos  

You have to provide your 2 latest passport size photos to the bank.  
This will help the bank to recognize you.  

So, here we see all about the required documents to opening An Account in Allahabad Bank.
Now, we discuss steps to applying for a bank account in Allahabad Bank.  
Here we discuss both the process like online as well as offline process for applying for a bank account. We'll start with the  online process

1.            Go to the official website of Allahabad Bank and make your registration there.  

2.            Select the option of "Applying A New Bank Account".  

3.            Fill your details very carefully and also upload your required documents safely.

4.            Make an initial deposit to the bank account given by the bank and congrats you become an account holder of the bank.

Offline process

1.            Reach to your nearest branch of Allahabad Bank.

2.            Fill the form of applying for a new bank account.

3.            Deposit it to the clerk with the attached documents discussed above.  

4.            Make initial deposits in your account and congrats you become an account holder of Allahabad bank.  

So, here we see both the options for applying A New Bank Account In Allahabad Bank.

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