Google AdSense (What are the guidelines of Google Adsense For Approval)

Google AdSense (What are the guidelines of Google Adsense For Approval)

Google AdSense
             An online industry of ads

Hey readers, today's topic is very interesting because today we are going to talking about the online advertisement industry called Google AdSense. 
So, in this article, we are going to analyzing the whole concept of GOOGLE AdSense.

So, let's get started

If I ask you a question about the functions of google what will be your answer.

Every people give different answers to that and most people can not include Adsense.

Those people who know about Google AdSense has also known the importance of it.

So, what is Google Adsense?

Well, Google AdSense is a service provided by Google to its products like Google search engine, Youtube and many other online media platforms.

So, what work is done by Google Adsense?

At that time there is a huge scope for self-employed persons in online media.
Suppose you have a website about new business tricks and you just started your website. You post a lot of good quality articles on your website but you haven't got any income from your website. Well, Google AdSense does exactly this to you. You only have to been qualified according to the guidelines of Google Adsense. 

What are the guidelines of Google Adsense?

1. You should have had posted more than 20 articles on your site.

2. You should have a domain name it means that you have to purchase the domain name from the domain seller like Big rock, Go daddy and many more.
After fulfilling these conditions you are able to apply for Google Adsense.

It provides you the advertisement service. Google allows you to apply the ads on your website and these companies pay google for this and google keeps 40% of the amount and gives the remaining.

So, now we totally understand about GOOGLE Adsense. We know about what is Google AdSense, how it works and many more things.

Here we see some advantages of Google AdSense.

1. The first advantage of  Google AdSense is that the ads were provided by Google directly no middle man work between you.

2. The most important advantage of Google Adsense that you can use one Adsense for different websites.

3. It is better than affiliate marketing because in affiliate marketing you get a commission when people buy from your website but in AdSense, you'll get income when people visit your site.

Now we are going to talking about the disadvantages of google AdSense.

1. It takes a huge time to give a proposal to the websites.

2. If your site is new you can't apply for Google Adsense to apply for google AdSense your site's age matters a lot.

3. Google AdSense didn't like those publishers who generate traffic through social media like facebook and many other online social media platform.

4. You get permanently banned if Google detects a single click on your website. 
Google gives a strict guideline to all the publishers who are working on their website. 

So, here we understand the whole thing about Google AdSense. Of you have a website google Adsense makes an enormous help to earn a passive income through your website. Here we learned about the concept of Google AdSense their advantages, disadvantages and much more precious information about Google AdSense.

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