E-Charging Station Business in india

E-Charging Station Business in india

E-Charging Station Business in india

Hey readers, today's topic is very fascinating because today we're going talk about A business that becomes a most probably profitable business in the future. which is called E-Charging station Business.
So, what is the E-Charging station business? And how it can be used as a profitable business.

The government of India is taken a huge step in respect of E-mobility. To stop fuel usage in the country government of India decided to
make more than 30% of electric vehicles instead of the vehicles who works on fuel. Government named this policy to E-mobility of vehicles. The government sets a target to do this in 2030. According to this policy in the year 2030, there are plenty of electric cars are available instead of the petrol car. This project can also be completed before 2030 but the government sets the maximum time for this which is 2030.

For E-mobility, Government of India make their contract with the company of one of the worlds richest entrepreneur in the world his name is ELON MUSK. The company of Elon
Musk is Tesla Motors. This company is especially known for designing electric cars in a cost-effective matter.

Electric charging point Electric car needs electricity charge of
recharging their battery. Without a battery, an electric never runs. This situation can happen anywhere and a battery of the electric car can become low anywhere. To solve this problem the government started building their electric charging points. The best part is that the Government allows it's all citizens to establish their own Electric Charging Station.

A person can establish this station in it's home for personal use, in its office for office use and also make a business for it.
Rules and regulations
To make Electric Charging Station a person has an authorized certificate from the government and having a certificate of BEE(a government organization for electricity service).


This business having an abroad scope in the future. The government also helps people to make more and more E-Charging Stations.

The government also makes these stations for highways. This step is taken by the government in respect of the scheme DIGITAL INDIA. The government sets a plan to provide these stations every 3 km and also provides a fast E-Charging station every 25 km.
First mover

Mahindra Company becomes the first mover in this matter. A mini car from Mahindra named Mahindra E2o becomes the first electric car in India.

So, here we see all the information about E-Charging Stations in India. You also can apply if you want these stations near you and can also be the owner of this such type of station and can earn a huge amount of profit from it.

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