What is insurance full detail

What is insurance full detail

What is insurance - Hello friends In today's article, we will know what is insurance and how many types of it are there, and also in detail about the benefits and losses that will happen, and why insurance is important to you Also, if you are interested in learning about insurance, then read the complete article.

What is insurance full detail
What is insurance full detail

what is insurance

If insurance is told in simple language, then it is a service in which the insurance company will help him with any accident, such as a disease road accident, etc., to any person, which will mean compensation to that person.

types of insurance

There are several types of insurance, some types are described below, you will be able to get good information about insurance by reading them.

Accident insurance - In this insurance, if a person participates in a business and an accident occurs with him in his life, then the insurance company will take the expense of the person who has provided his insurance to him, meaning that the amount of money that will be spent in his treatment is The company will provide.

Life Insurance - In this insurance, if a person makes a life insurance which means life insurance and dies, then when he insures his insurance, whatever amount has been deposited, his Nominee gets it.

Vehicle Insurance - If you have a vehicle like a bike, a car or a scooter, which is valuable to you, if you get his vehicle insurance then if he is never stolen in the future Or any part of it gets damaged in an accident, then the insurance company will provide whatever you pay for its repairs, which will be according to your vehicle insurance.

Benefits of insurance

If you are middle class, that means your income is not so high that due to sudden disaster, you can not manage your family, then insurance is very important for you because it is like a backup plan for your family. If you have any disaster objection, you can help most.


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