Best Solar Panel Brands 2019 in India

Top 10 Solar Panel Companies in India – India’s Top 10 Solar Panel Companies 2019

India is one of the top ten countries in the world that uses solar energy. The country of India is developing rapidly towards alternative sources of wind energy solar energy which aims to purify the environment by using natural energy which has succeeded in setting an aggressive renewable energy installation target of 115 GW by 2022.

India is the only country in the whole world which is moving its economy towards rapid development, India has increased carbon foot print for the country in the fast-working countries India has increased resources such as wind and solar energy. Has taken a step to make the environment clean and green. Through the Bridge to India report, it is revealed that the country is fully ready to march aggressively towards its solar target in place of the expected 14 GW installations in 2019. At the same time, in order to achieve its goal in India, it has announced policies to promote solar energy.

Even the cabinet has approved Phase - 2 of the grid connected rooftop solar program to achieve 40,0000 mega watts of storage capacity by rooftop solar program by the year 2022 in order to use solar energy more and more. .

Apart from this, new schemes have also been introduced to fulfill the objective of making farmers aware for the use of solar energy.

On the other hand, if attention is paid to increasing solar prices and decreasing the rates of solar panels, along with government policies and policies, buying solar PV panels has become very easy for consumers. People are moving fast to use solar energy on a large scale, using solar energy will get rid of serious problems such as environment. Programming is beneficial to create a safe and clean.

We are talking about a list of top 10 solar panel producing companies in India which manufacture the latest solar panels in India.

1. Loom Solar

Loom Solar India's No. 1 is one of the companies producing mono solar, which was established in 2018, headquartered in Faridabad Haryana, the company has 2 founders named Amol Anand and Amod Anand.

The company manufactures mono panels which are capable of generating very good energy even in the late season. It is the company's solar panel, solar inverter, solar battery, solar charger and solar stand. It distributes to village to city across India within a period of 3 days, That is, in 3 days time, it is able to deliver the product to any part of India. This is a company that has solar panels available from 10 W to 350 W, you get this product available at your home, dealers and distributors of this company will be found in every man city.

It is the first company to manufacture mono panel solar panels, manufactures mono panels ranging from 50 watts to 350 watts. This is the specialty of this company that makes no other solar company across India. The company produces both types of polycrystalline solar panels and mono crystalline solar panels. It uses high technology such as photo voltaic modules to manufacture its products.

Recently, in 2019, we are going to launch a panel in 350 watts in which you can directly run AC equipment, even without an inverter battery, whose customer price is ₹ 25000. By spending just ₹ 25000, you can run your household appliances directly during the day like TV, fridge, fan, cooler, bulb etc.

You can also use this mono panel to run the AC during day time ie 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, while the panels of other companies can be used from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. You can use it till noon, to run AC, you have to use 4 watt of 350 watts, this solution is not available with any solar company other than Loom Solar Company.

Due to these features and quality, Lum Solar has been ranked first among the top 10 companies in India and has been recognized as a startup by the Government of India. In 2019, this company will make one crore people aware of solar to make solar so simple.

1. A trusted brand
2. Able to generate electricity in mono crystalline panels even in low light and foggy weather
3. Recognized as a startup by the Government of India

2. Luminous

Luminous is an inverter and industrial battery manufacturer based in New Delhi, in which Schrider owns a 74% stake. Luminous Company provides both grid inverters and inverters for great cellar applications. The main source of solar energy that almost everyone knows is pushing the world to be closer to 5 billion years old and more than 5 billion. Luminous helps you provide solar rooftop PV solution here.
Luminous Company has 30 years of experience as a major power solution provider.

1. Buying feature
2. Lifelong associate and trusted product
3. Core Power Solution

3. Microtek

Microtech International Pvt Ltd was established in 1989, it is the world's largest power solution manufacturer. The brand has been one of India's favorite brands. Microtech launched the solar panel product in 2016 as the ultimate source. The service is known for its network.

The Microtech solar panel also features EVA capsulation and antifriction coating for module protection and a 25-year warranty is also available with the Microtech solar panel

1. Largest power product manufacturer
2. PID Free Module with Reliability
3. High and wide manufacturing

4. TATA Power Solar

 Tata Power Solar is an Indian company founded in 1989 and headquartered in Bangalore. Tata has so far installed 1.4 GHz solar panels. The company has set up a utility level of 1.5 GHz and 200 mega watt rooftop solar projects in India over the last 20 years. Tata Solar is engaged in manufacturing and providing EPC services. is. Tata Company has an important position in residential units including industrial, commercial, on grid and off grid solar projects.

1.Is a reputed company
2. Tata is a discontinued brand for 1 year which caters 25 years warranty with solar panel
3. Strong hold in solar products

4. Havells

Havells India Limited is one of the largest electrical equipment companies in India, which has an important international reputation, Havells industrial and domestic circuit protection equipment, solar panels, solar inverters, solar lights, solar batteries, cables and wire household appliances, air Produces electrical appliances such as conditioners, electric hitters,

Havells solar panel provides solar panels from 75 watts to 325 watts. This solar panel has positive power tolerance. It works in all types of environmental conditions. Havells solar panels are IC certified. This solar panel is more reliable. Made of anti-reflective coated glass, this portal helps track the performance of every solar module in Havells solar modules. Even such power is turned off So its DC voltage falls at a rate of around 1 watt per optimizer which is capable of protecting property from fire and fatal danger. Havells has 23 branches and representative offices with more than 6000 workers in more than 50 countries.

1. Fast Moving Electronic Goods Company
2. Havells solar panel has the ability to bear positive power
3. This safe voltage product is


Vikram Solar

The company named Vikram Solar is a manufacturer of PV solar modules. Its headquarter is located in Kolkata, West Bengal. The company has more than four decades of experience in engineering and manufacturing activities. Vikram Solar is part of the Vikram Group of companies rated by Vikram Solar Annual production capacity is up to 1 GHz. Vikram Solar's offices are located all over India. Global Office is located.

1. Wide range of solar panels and solar products

2. Comprehensive EPC Solution
3. High Efficiency PV Module Manufacturing

Waaree solar

Waaree solar pvt ltd is one of India's largest integrated companies and this company was founded in 1989, the company produces a variety of solar equipment like other best solar companies.
Waaree solar company is also the top player of Waaree solar energy in India as an EPC service project development sixes solution and solar water pump and independent power producer. It has a capacity of 1.5 gigawatts of India's largest solar PV modules at its plants in Umar village in Gujarat, Surat. Nationally, the company has served over 280 locations internationally in 68 countries.

1. Able to provide high quality at low cost
2. Rich experience
3.This safe voltage product

Exide solar

One of the trusted brands in India, this company produces batteries on a very large scale. The company also produces high efficiency solar panels. The company also uses high technology solar panels, solar batteries, solar street, Light Solar Power Systems manufactures many products such as solar lights. This company is suitable in manufacturing its products like PV modular The use of L

Exide Chloride Solar Mono Crystalline and Poly Crystalline MNRE Both Approved Solar Panels Available at Low Prices with 25 Year Warranty Exide chloride is 1 liter in solar power technology which is one of the largest solar company in India

1. Comprehensive R&D facilities
2. Long term experience in Indian power industry
3. High Efficiency and Technical Model

Aadani solar

Adani Solar is India's first photo voltics company. It is part of the Adani Group, one of the largest business groups in India. The company was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Gujarat, India's first renewable energy solutions company to provide services in the PV manufacturing sector to integrate systems. Adani Solar's multi-level infrastructure and manufacturing facility has been evaluated for up to 3 GHz models and cells under one roof. This unit is one of the largest business institutions in India The Adani Solar Panel range offers products with production capabilities such as Multi Crystalline Modules - 1000v, Dual Glass Biofacial Modules Multi Crystalline Modules - 1500v Mono Crystalline PERC Modules, along with Adani Solar Company also produces latest and high tech solar panel modules. The company produces 100 watt to 350 watt solar panels.

1. Large geographical introduction
2. One of the largest business solutions
3. Provides services in PV manufacturing


Patanjali solar

Patanjali Solar Company is Baba Ramdev's company. Patanjali Company is famous all over India with its products. Patanjali plans to solve the problem of door to door electricity by solar energy.
For this reason, the company has established patanjali renewable energy pvt ltd Patanjali Solar Company produces high efficiency solar panels ranging from 10 WP to 340 WP up. It is capable of producing both solar panels and both solar panels. Provides the facility to deliver its product to other states of India but also to other countries The company is also able to manufacture solar panel solar hybrid inverter solar light solar water pumps.The central goal of this company is to meet the 500 MW surgeon limit before the end of 2020.

1. Mass product production
2. Your important identity globally
3. Large global presence


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